Singapore Asian Civilizations Museum

This is the Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore. I was in luck when I was framing the photo. Notice the line across the sky? That was a plane flying pass the sky.

Palm Tree Delights

I have taken a lot of photos on beaches. hmmmmmm I just enjoy the tranquil feeling it can give. Today's theme is Palm Trees - Coconuts :)

Cloudy Sunrise




Well, in fact this is my first attempt to capture the sunset scenery. Kinda disappointed though, as my luck wasn't there when I took this photo. Simply too cloudy for a sunrise isn't it? lol But I did enjoyed the process..woke up early..creep through the dark..brave through the cold alone.. Oh well, shall have another attempt again :)


btw, if you noticed, I have added a chat feature to the blog. :) Feel free to say hello when you drop by

Fun with Glasses 4

Did anyone guess this is actually the Champaign glasses setup?
This photo sums up the last of "Fun with Glasses" theme, for now :)

Fun with Glasses 3

This is actually a direct shot into a mirror. :) The glasses are placed on a mirror with the rose petals as the accessories. The focusing is actually on the mirror reflection.

Fun with Glasses 2

Here's another glass photo. :) Try out different angles. You never know how amazing the photo can turn out to be. The idea is, to be creative :)

Fun with Glasses 1

The theme will be "Glass". I will be posting photos on glasses these few days. Have fun playing with glasses.

Fun with Lights

Having fun zooming in and out :)
Tips to share:
1. You need to set to a longer shutter speed. Best if you have a remote shutter, then set it to BULB mode.
2. Best with tripod
3. Start off either slowly zoom in...or out.
4a. If you are using manual shutter speed, allocate more time at the end of your zooming.
4b. If you are using remote shutter (BULB mode), hold on to the shot longer at the end of the zooming.
The objective is to have a more steady and precise image as more light is captured.

Try it out! :) Have FUN !

Urban Night

Welcome to Singapore :)


These photos are taken using the Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM lens. Look at the amazing bokeh that this wide aperture created.. Cool isn't it?

Beach Stroll

Lovely stroll by the beach. I love the shadows and the wavy lines created by the residues left behind by the waves.

Birddie Zoomed

This is my first shot with my Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM. Pretty cool lens, it definitely offers a superior zoom. Oh, and it's my first Canon L series lens ;) *Proud Owner*
Here's a review of it from

Recommendations for Blogger Template

May I seek those that visit my blog to recommend any sites that offer template for Blogger? I'm playing around with all templates now. I know this current look and feel isn't there yet. Apologies. Still looking around. Do drop me a note if you have one :) Thanks folks!

Longing a Getaway

Just for your info~ I spent my Valentine's Day in the library whole day working on my papers.. Not just that, coordinating work...calling my client.
Enough whining. extraordinary VDay for a change this year :) Longing for a getaway once I get my papers done. That's my mood for now :) Looking forward
Here's a photo taken in Malaysia Redang

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day to all


This shot was actually taken in the night.. Thanks to the wide aperture. It was handheld, on a shaky boat. I'm amazed that I can still capture the sharpness of the tiles. LOL Firm hands, once in a hundred :)

Funny Bangkok

Lots of interesting stuff in Thailand. By the way, the chain of cow dungs are fake. LOL
But that box of fried worms is for real!

Dare Devil

These shots are taken just merely a meter away from this magnificent beast. Thailand Bangkok