No Photo Day

Hi All,
I'm currently stuck in the library working on my assignment that is due this coming Monday. Sorry folks, there will not be any photo today. I'm targeting to complete everything by tonight so that I can get to enjoy my Sunday tomorrow~ Wish me luck ok.


Fun with Lights

I have long wanted to try this. I guess reason being I'm seldom out at night with my camera. Here~I finally did this.
Set to a slower (longer) shutter speed, and then Snap! Next, just go frantic turning and twisting and shaking whatever you want with your camera. ;)
Here's a tip: The slower you do that, the light lines stay more obvious. Same goes the opposite, the faster you shake, the softer the lines stay on the photo.

Go try it~ Again, Have Fun!

Mr and Mrs Quek

Yes, here is our lovely couple to our few posts earlier. Check that out. The couple is Mr and Mrs Quek. :) Douglas and Racheal to be exact. My another wedding attempt to help out my buddy. I have known Douglas since my National Service in the Army. Well done Bro~Congrats! :D


Opps.. I was too engrossed to posting my photos that I have forgotten to follow up on my previous post! ;) lol

Shall post the bride-and-groom in the next coming post

Mrs Chua in the Making

Here is my wife-to-be :) Mrs Chua in the making.
Poor her, she had tried on 10 over gowns :) and this gown in the photo wasn't even the actual day's! ;)
sorry~as photo-taking is not allowed in there, these were taken, discreetly, using the HTC Diamond (3 MegaPixel)

hehe I'm a lucky man~

Wedding Anticipation and Anxiousness

Peeking through the wedding certification. It's anxiousness and full of anticipation. :) So whose wedding is it this time?

The Blog that inspired the creation of Ea-foto-son : Photo Projectz is RIP

Oh gosh.... The blog that I have been following all the while is down, and it's down for good. The blogger has decided to stop blogging from today. :(

The blog's "Photo Projectz"
This is the blog that inspired me to ever start this photo blog of my own...

It's pity though, but decision has to be respected

Below is a quote from her last post:
"Thank you for the continued support throughout this last year or so, and please continue to support me in this decision. You can always come and interact with me at my flickr account here: or my deviant art account here: Also, no worries, as I will still be stopping by your blogs. Just under the name "Lady Sarcasm" at least in blogspot. As I'm having some changes with my personal blog too."

Mr Lee - The Groom

Here's Mr Lee, the Groom
Lovely Dovey. Wishing them a blissful marriage ahead :)

Mrs Lee - The Bride

The sweet and cool lady.
The Groom's coming up next
Check out tomorrow for the Lucky Man! ;)

Candy aka Mrs Lee - Wedding Shot

This is my best pal from my Degree class. ;) She's now a Mrs Lee.
Went for her wedding as a volunteered photographer, more of a friend's service. I would say it was a tiring day to shoot from morning till night but I gained quite an experience doing a wedding shoot :)
More photos to come

Onboard Dinner Boat

Here are some photos captured onboard the "Dinner Boat", which I have named in my earlier post. Typical Oriental decorations, with chinese calligraphy and dragon figurines to symbolize good luck.

Mr. BlahBlah - Taken using HTC Touch Diamond2

Getting too bored at lecture.. Real bad...I simply couldn't concentrate and started blogging! Drew a comic sketch of my Lecturer (Yeah..I'm bad!). This photo was taken using a HTC Touch DIamond2 (5 Mega Pixel)
Oh god, how am I going to survive the next two days....

Day Dreaming

I have probably drift to my dreamland right now..... Sank deep in the mid of the monotonous lecture of my Operations Management module..not concentration but lost. Apologies for not posting these few days. I'm engaged in my intensive week of lectures, which is going to last until Monday night. Bless me, I will try to post whenever I can these few days :)

Dinner Boat

I call this the Dinner Boat. You can actually get to dine onboard, basically a floating restaurant. It has two decks for dining. The top most deck is the Captain's cabin. Well, the food was so-so..but the experience onboard wasn't too bad.


Lovely Natalie's yawning away.. Sometimes I wonder why she can sleep the whole afternoon.

Elva Hsiao 萧亚轩

:) This is Elva Hsiao, a Taiwanese Singer. ;) She's petite and cute. This photo was taken when she flew over to Singapore for a roadshow on her new album, "3-Faced Elva (3面夏娃)". Yet again, crowds we are seeing here, and again my faithful 100-400mm for the zoom up. hehe

Kuala Lumpur Stay

These shots were taken during my stay over at Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia during one of the friends' wedding dinner. Stayed at this nice Concorde Hotel, where I had my best buffet dinner I ever had from Malaysia hotels.
Night shots aren't easy to take especially when it's handheld. I got this steady shot against a palm tree for support, which is one of the best means when one lacked a tripod at the moment.

Busy Bangkok

The busy traffic of Thailand Bangkok. Fruit Stalls can be seen everywhere along the streets.

Babies at MediaCorp Super Tots Contest

She's literally looking straight at my big lense.. =)

We have a lot of hilarious baby costumes around~ lol

Here's the Piggy.. here?

Woo..leopard kitty as well

She's such a Princess.. ;)

Spotted a sweetie pie =)

Reaching out.. Making friends

It's a Even I'm tired myself..

While the babies were having fun at the contest, I was having fun taking photographs. Simply love my 100-400mm lense

Xu Qi the MediaCorp Artiste

Isn't she lovely? She is the invited MediaCorp guest for the Mediacorp Super Tots Baby Contest. I'm so glad that I brought along my 100-400mm lens. Zooming from far is really a piece of cake! lol Such telephoto lens is a must especially when you know there will be a big crowd at the scene.. I happened to meet a man shooting photographs there, whom did not believe I bought such a L-series lens just for hobby sake. =p