Nafplion Church

Passing by a church in Nafplion, old capital of Greece...

Theatre of Epidavros #2

Back by popular demand, here is the bigger version of Theatre of Epidavros


Off to the next stop ~~ ;)

Theater of Epidavros in Panoramic Shoot #2

Here is another panoramic photo I created after reaching the top of the Theater of Epidavros. That was a nice view from the top

Check out the other panoramic photo of the Theater of Epidavros here

Theatre of Epidavros

Check out the number of steps that I need to climb....
But the view was really cool when I reached the top :) 12,000 seaters...

Theater of Epidavros in Panoramic Shoot

Check this out! My third panoramic photo shoot (and counting..)
This is the well-preserved ancient Theater of Epidavros that is famous for its acoustics. Dating back to the 4th century BC, this theater is able to seat 12,000 people!

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Acropolis #4

It is a wide wide area... See the tiny people walking around

Greece Flag High @Acropolis

This is amazing feeling with Greece flag flying high up at the tip of Acropolis.

Acropolis #3

Look at this ruin. I'm so glad the nice statues still stand till now

City of Athens in Panoramic Shoot

This is my second attempt in panoramic photo. Check out my first attempt here. My previous attempt was a combination of three photo shots. This photo you see here is a combination of five photo shots, which is of a hill top down view from the Acropolis ruins to the city of Athens. See the amazing density of the city of Athens.

Acropolis #2

Acropolis Site at Athens

Looking at the Acropolis site high up at the hill top...I know this is going to be a long climb/walk up.. ;) But I was thrilled all the way

Walk Through the Pathway

This is a pathway leading up to the Acropolis site

The Remains of the Temple of the Olympian Zeus

The Long Travelator in Dubai Airport

It's a long long long 5 hours plane transit at Dubai Airport...before heading for Athens, Greece.