Singapore Zoo - Mouse Deer

Spotted a mouse deer somewhere inside the vegetation. This type of deer does not have antlers on their head.

Miss Ostrich Singapore

What we have here is a pretty superstar, Miss Ostrich Singapore!
lol long eyelashes.. and the bokeh of lights at the background serves as nice sparkling shinny stars.. lol

Devil on the Treetop - Cottontop Tamarin Monkey

It has a rather devilish face here. This is the Cottontop Tamarin Monkey. It's a small monkey, about the size of a squirrel. It feeds mainly on insects and fruit.

Do you like the photo?

Lazy Polar Bear

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, where all the animals were idling around. This Polar Bear is supposedly, bored. If not, enjoying his great time lying on the cool pebble flooring

Cute Baby Orangutan

I find this photo rather adorable. Found this baby Orangutan idling lazily on the tree top, so tried to find a better angle to bring the feeling out. I have achieved a cute photo, haven't I? =)

Singapore Zoo - Komodo Dragon

A close up on the Komodo Dragon, a native lizard from the Indonesia. This big lizard, yes big, can grow up to an average length of 2 to 3 meters! The weight can go up to 70Kg. The Komodo Dragon feeds by biting off huge chunk of meat off its prey and swallows the whole down its throat.

The deadliest part is not its massive size or strength, but its saliva. One drop of the saliva contains 50 different bacteria. A bitten victim may escape being a meal of the Komodo Dragon, may not escape from the deadly infection due to the bacteria. This can result in death.

This photo was taken in the Singapore Zoo. Notice that long drool of saliva hanging by the edge of its mouth? ;)

Water Fun

Water splashing, playing, perhaps a new learning process for this little child. She seems to be enjoying the "water experience".

Singapore Zoo - Saddle-Billed Stork

One of the tallest species of storks is the Saddle-billed Stork. This photo was taken in the Singapore Zoo. Do you know that a Saddle-Billed Stork with a yellow iris, is a female? Those with black are males.

The photo here is a beautiful lady :)

Fishy Fishtank in the Sea

I'm not really a beach guy. But I have visited quite a number of beaches and resorts so far! The snorkeling experience was great. Look at the number of fishes, they are a lot! These photos were taken with Sony T720 compact camera with the underwater kit.


A friend of mine has commented a liking for this photo. Did not really know why really.. Perhaps the getaway feeling

Curious Natalie

Babies are just curious little fellow. ;)
Look at her spiky hair..she just woke up from her sleep

Probably surprised by an incoming big lens *lol*

Another Manual Focusing

Another two manual focused photos.
Slightly higher challenge this time, as I was trying to capture a correct angle of a moving turkey. The focusing point was at the eye, causing the frame of the cage to be blurred out.
And..I was rather fascinated by spread of feathers at its back. So, another shot. lol

Focusing Point, the Manual Way

Relaxation by the beach. Nice..
This shot was taken in front of a beach volleyball net. The lens was set to manual-focus (MF), where the focusing point was set behind the net. This should be better off on manual in this case, otherwise the auto-focus (AF) mechanism will simply locked on to the net which wasn't the objective here.

Folks, I will be busy with my revision these few days, preparing for my exam this coming Saturday. Wish me luck alright? :)

Asian Ornaments

Greeny Journey

Greeny Journey
Where shall the journey lead and end?

Blury Background

I'm bringing up another bokeh shoot again. In actual fact, the background in this pic can still be out-focus further. Currently it's at F2.8 aperture. A F1.4 would be great here.. :) I miss my previous canon lens that I put on trial...

Batam View Resort in Panoramic Shoot

My first attempt in panoramic photo, and I know I'm starting to enjoy this ;)
This is a combination of three photo shots. Traditionally, panoramic shoots are done with precise angle calculations and tripod positioning. But now there are many available software out in the market which can easily achieve this for you. Check this free Autostitch software that will do the job for you

Christmas Too Early

Took this Christmas Tree close up at Batam, Malaysia. Too early for Christmas celebration now but the green's always fanciful. Photography is not just about the foreground (or content), but the background matters as well. I like the nice bokeh created at the back, rather distinctive at the top left corner. There was a previous post on Bokeh, you may want to check that out.