Formula One (F1) Night Race in Singapore 2009

I'm very glad to be able to attend the F1 NightRace held in Singapore this year. This is the second grandpix to be held in Singapore. My ticket position wasn't quite ideal for photography..but glad that I can still move around to a better spot :) Check out the fast vehicle, shot with Canon 100-400mm (IS) L-Lense on a Canon 40D body. Oh yeah, I'm planning to sell off my Canon 40D body, so I guess this is my very last event for my babe ;) Miss ya

Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus #1

This is the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus. It was here some 2,000 years ago that Greek athletes met to honour Zeus and where the Olympic Games were held every four years.

Mycenae Ruins in Panoramic Shoot

A panoramic view of the ruins at Mycenae, Greece.

Mycenae - Lion Gate

This is the Lion Gate, the oldest stone carving in Europe that was created from a single stone circa 1250 BC.
The gate also marks the entrance to the fortress leading to the remains of the Royal Palace and graves where German archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann, found 15KG's worth of gold treasures, which are now on display in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.
There was supposedly a big gold carving on top of the two lions, unfortunately, it was stolen away!

Treasury of Ancient Atreus - Interior

The interior of the ancient treasury for Atreus. I was rather fascinated by the dome shaped roof.

Treasury of Ancient Atreus - Exterior

This is the ancient treasury for Atreus located in Greece. The Greeks in Atreus used this site to store their treasury.