Sunrays from Greece

Acropolis #1

Back from Greece

Hey all~
Thanks for staying tune to Eafotoson!

2 More Days to Greece!

Hey All

I will be away on holiday for a while :)
Going to Europe this time round, GREECE! I'm so excited :D
I will be back on the 23rd June, catching the late night plane.

Stay tune for Greece photos ;)

Orangutan - On the Tree Top

Caught this Orangutan high on the tree top. If you noticed carefully, the little pair of legs on the shoulder belongs to a baby Orangutan.

Singapore Zoo - Our Dear AhMeng

Do you still recognize who this is?
It's "Ah Meng" the Orangutan. AhMeng used to be the Singapore Zoo's living mascot, until it passed away in 2008. This is the steel statue located at the Singapore Zoo, in memory of AhMeng.

Young Orangutan at Play

This is an innocent scene of a young Orangutan playing by a man-made stream of water

See the Palm of a Full-Grown Orangutan

See how big the palm of an Orangutan is, compared to a human size's palm.
That's huge..

King of Animals - Lion

It's a lazy sunny afternoon... Time for nap