Castle on the Hill

Saw this old castle sitting on the hill top, and it's in the mid of a town

2nd Runner-Up for NATAS-Mastercard Photo Competition 2009

I'm so excited!
Received an email last night, that I have won the Third Prize to the NATAS-Mastercard Photo Competition 2009! :D
Took this photo while I was traveling in Greece~ Objective was to have a photo taken overseas with a Mastercard logo in it. I wouldn't have participated in this contest until one of my tourmates mentioned about this during the tour! And going through the thousands of photos to search for this photo for submission...

Greek Artifacts

Ancient Greek artifacts I came across in one of the museums.. So lifelike!

Ancient Greek Language

These are two stone tablets of ancient Greek words. Anybody makes out what they mean?


Steps...another flight of steps...