The Blog that inspired the creation of Ea-foto-son : Photo Projectz is RIP

Oh gosh.... The blog that I have been following all the while is down, and it's down for good. The blogger has decided to stop blogging from today. :(

The blog's "Photo Projectz"
This is the blog that inspired me to ever start this photo blog of my own...

It's pity though, but decision has to be respected

Below is a quote from her last post:
"Thank you for the continued support throughout this last year or so, and please continue to support me in this decision. You can always come and interact with me at my flickr account here: or my deviant art account here: Also, no worries, as I will still be stopping by your blogs. Just under the name "Lady Sarcasm" at least in blogspot. As I'm having some changes with my personal blog too."